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Survival Japanese—How to Order 丼ぶり

(どん / don) or 丼ぶり (どんぶり / donburi) in Japanese means:
  • Bowl of rice with food on top
Rice-bowl dish in Japan can consist of various ingredients which are simmered together and served on the top of rice.

In this article, we will introduce some  丼ぶり (どんぶり / donburi)  and show you how to order them.


As shown in the picture, there are many kinds of 丼物 / どんぶりもの / donburimono.   In Japan, there are large chain stores such as Yoshinoya (吉野屋), Sukiya (すき屋), Matsuya (松屋); They offer 丼物 at a low price.

Here we introduce some common ones:
  • 親子丼 / おやこどん / oyako don
  • 天丼 / てんどん / ten don
    • tempura served over a bowl of rice
  • カツ丼 / カツどん / katsu don
    • breaded pork on rice
  • 鰻丼 / うなどん / unadon (or うなぎ丼 / うなぎどんぶり / unagidonburi)
    • bowl of eel and rice
  • 若鳥丼 / わかどりどん / wakadori don 
    • young chicken on rice
  • 玉子丼 / たまごどん / tamago donburi 
    • bowl of rice topped with boiled eggs
  • 鉄火丼 / てっかどん / tekkadonburi  
    • vinegared rice topped with sliced raw tuna
  • 牛丼 / ぎゅうどん / gyuudon
    • rice covered with beef and vegetables
  • 豚丼 / ぶたどん / butadon
    • rice covered with pork and vegetables
  • カレー丼 / kare-don
    • rice Bowl Topped with Japanese Curry
For more choices, read information from this site.

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