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Cultural Immersion: Experiencing a Traditional Market in Kyoto

When you visit Kyoto (京都), you should not miss Nishiki Market (錦市場 Nishiki ichiba) outstanding. Based on the information from

Nishiki market has a 400-years old history. You can watch this video to have a feeling of what this Japanese traditional market looks like.

Orientation Map

Here is the Association's map (in Japanese). Your destination on the map is named 錦市場 商店街. Note that Nishiki market (錦市場) is one of the many covered shopping streets in that area (i.e., between Sanjo and Shijo). But, it's the only one mainly for foods.

From Gion-Shijo Station to Nishiki

Here is the map (see below) from Google (click to enlarge).

The Nishiki Market covers roughly 5 to 6 blocks (from East to West) on the map. Starting from Gion-Shijo Station, head west. Once you hit Teramachi Dori, turn right. Now you are in the Teramachi covered shopping arcade with white roof. After walking a couple of minutes, you will see another covered shopping street with yellow-red-blue colored roof, turn left. This is the Nishiki  (錦) market.

Get There by Bus and Train

Here is the different train lines in Kyoto, which are run by different railways companies.

Based on the Association's information here, there are different ways to reach Nishiki Market:

  • City Bus No 5 Line (市バス5系統)
    • Get off at Takakura Dori Stop ( 四条高倉) which is in front of Daimaru Department Store (大丸百貨店) and walk for 2 mins
  • Karasuma Subway Line (地下鉄烏丸線)
    • Get off at Shijo Karasuma Station (四条駅) and walk for 3 mins
  • Tozai Subway Line (地下鉄東西線)
    • Get off at Kyotoshiyakusho-Mae Station (京都市役所前 駅) and walk for 10 mins
  • Hankyu Railways (阪急京都線)
    • Get off at Karasuma Station (烏丸駅) and walk for 3 mins
    • Get off at Karawamachi Station (河原町駅) and walk for 4 mins
  • Keihan Raiways (京阪本線)
    • Get off at Sanjo Station (三条駅) and walk for 15 mins
    • Get off at Gion-Shijo Station (四条駅) and walk for 10 mins

Photo Credit


  1. Kyoto Street Food Guide: Nishiki Ichiba Market 京都錦市場買い食い ★ WAO✦RYU!TV ONLYinJAPAN #40 (video)
    • Food items mentioned in this video:
      • Eel liver (うなぎ のきも)
      • Soy milk donut (豆乳ドーナツ)
      • Matcha Warabi Mochi (抹茶わらび餅)
      • Boiled Japanese Conger eel (Ike Hamo)
      • Baby octopus egg head on a stick (Tako Tamago)
      • Matcha soft ice cream cone (宇治抹茶アイスクリーム / Uji matcha aisukurīmu)
  2. Nishiki market shopping street promotion association
  3. How to travel between Kyoto and Tokyo (japan-guide.com)

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