Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vancouver Travel—Charleson Park

Charleson Park best of the area—one of my favorite locations in Vancouver—is a 17.6-acre community park.  It's also a dog park sprawling above the seawall on the south bank of  False Creek.  If you walk up the hill into the woods, you may run into some unleashed dogs accompanied by their owners.

Across the creek, Yaletown or Downtown Vancouver sit there.  It is especially beautiful in the evening as you can see the lights of the buildings across the creek with their reflections on the water.

How to Get There?

There are two ways to reach Charleson Park from Canada Line Skytrain:
  1. Arriving Olympic Village Station and taking W 6th Ave westwards (red route)
  2. Arriving Broadway-City Hall Station; walking on Cambie St northwards and tuning left on W 8th Ave; turning right on Laurel St.; at the corner of W 7th Ave and Laurel (see picture below), taking an overpass into the park (brown route)
    • This is my favorite route because you can visit Whole Foods Market on the way to use its washroom or buy things to eat. Note that if you visit the park in early morning hours, most public washrooms are not opened until 10 am.


Below pictures were taken in early Summer morning (temperature: 25°C) on 07/31//2017.  You can click on them to enlarge.


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