Monday, May 28, 2018

Vancouver—Mt Seymour Ski Resort

Why visiting Mt Seymour for a ski season?  Personally, I have the following reasons:
  1. Mount Seymour is one of the ski resorts that you can reach without driving your car
  2. If you're 60+ years old, you can enjoy a discount
  3. If you're single, there is a separate line for singles, which usually moves faster.  But, eventually, you will be paired with 3 other persons from another line to share a 4-person lift chair.
In this article, we will cover two topics:
  • How to get there without driving your car
  • What to expect 

How to Get There

Let's assume you will travel from YVR Airport, you can take the following connections to get to Rupert Station on the Millennium Line by riding SkyTrain:
  1. YVR Airport Station → [Canada Line] → Waterfront Station 
  2. Waterfront Station → [Expo Line] → Commercial-Broadway Station
  3. Commercial-Broadway Station → [Millennium Line] → Rupert Station
  4. Rupert Station → [Walk across street] → Road side near Liquor Distribution Branch
From below photo, it shows Rupert Station in the background and Liquor Distribution Branch store at the front.  There is no specific sign for the Mt Seymour Shuttle Bus.  But, it usually arrives at the location near the person holding the umbrella in the picture.

What to Expect

Below pictures were taken on 12/27/2017 and 12/28/2017.  On both days, it rained in Burnaby and snowed on Mt Seymour.

After hopping on the bus, the bus will take you directly to the ski resort.  But, on the way, it will stop by Parkgate Community Center.  At Parkgate Community Center, the driver usually ask you to move to another bus waiting in the front.  Get up and move as advised if you don't want to wait in the original bus.  You only pay after arriving at the resort.  And, yes, you can pay with credit card.

To rent ski equipment, you wait on the line in front of Alpine Activity Centre.

Below is the view after you put on your ski equipment and walk out the back door of Alpine Activity Centre.

Below photos, they shows the new Mystery Peak Express high-speed quad chair lift installed in 2012.


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