Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vancouver Travel—Stanley Park

Stanley Park best of the best is a 1,001-acre public park that borders the downtown of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada and is almost entirely surrounded by waters of Vancouver Harbour and English Bay. In 1886, it was turned into Vancouver's first park from the land of nonaboriginal settlers and named after Lord Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby.

This park is home to some of the city's favorite, most-visited attractions. In fact, you could easily spend more than a day here and still not see everything this urban oasis has to offer. If you want to experience the park the way the locals do, walk, cycle or jog around the nearly 14-mile-long Seawall that hugs Vancouver's waterfront.

If you're not up for the walk, you'll find several bike rental companies near the park. With your bike, you'll be able to explore the more than 17 miles of forest trails that are much less crowded than the rest of the park. Travelers recommend biking the South Creek Trail, which leads to the lily pad-covered Beaver Lake.

Bike Riding

I have rented bikes twice on two days in 2017 Summer from two different shops:
  1. Spokes Bicycle Rentals
  2. Bikes and Blades Rentals

My personal preference is Bikes and Blades Rentals because its cheaper rental and personal service. On the day that I have finished the 14-mile-long Seawall bike route in Stanley Park, I have spent roughly two hours and the rental fee from Bikes and Blades Rentals is just twelve Canadian dollars. So, don't choose the closest shop (i.e., Spokes Bicycle Rentals) from Bus Stop; do walk a little bit down Denman St to check out other bike rentals and you won't be sorry.

All people walk their bikes up the Denman St towards Vancouver Harbor first (purple path) and ride the bike only from the waterside (red path). The 14-mile-long Seawall bike route in the Park is running counter-clockwise. In most bike routes, it's ONE WAY (see picture below). So, make sure you ride the bike on the right side (i.e., not on the pedestrian side) and in the correct direction (see the arrow sign; note that below picture shows blade, but it's similar for bike).


Below pictures were taken in late Summer morning (temperature: 25°C) on 07/28//2017. You can click on them to enlarge.


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