Sunday, December 11, 2016

Visiting Nigatsudo Hall (二月堂) in Nara—Personal Experience

In [1], Japan-Guide.com has highlighted Nigatsudo Hall with the following descriptions:
  • The Hall is always open and free of charge
  • The Hall is a short walk on the hill east of the Daibutsuden Hall and offers nice views of the city from its balcony. 
  • The hall is the site of the spectacular Omizutori ceremonies, held in March every year.
In this article, I will describe my personal experience of visiting Nigatsudo Hall in Nara on 12/05/2016.

Picturesque Street

As my Airbnb host Hiroko has recommended, you must walk through this quiet and picturesque street that leads to the Hall from its side.  The street starts not far from the back of the Daibutsuden Hall and stone walls flank the side of the street.  At the end of path, the Nigatsudo can be seen from close distance.

Nigatsudo Hall

Nigatsudo Hall is one of the important structures of Tōdai-ji temple in Nara, The building was designated as a national treasure in December 2005.

Below pictures show the grand views of Nara City from its balcony.

Side Views

On the day of my visit, I actually approached Nigatsudo Hall from another route.  Here are the views from that perspectives.


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