Sunday, October 23, 2016

Japanese: How to Introduce Yourself

You can watch Risa teaching how to introduce yourself from the youtube here. In this article, we list all conversations in written forms. So, you can practice them repeatedly or you can copy the phrases from here and paste them to japandict.com or a Japanese language-learning tool for further study.

  • Mark: Excuse me.
    • すみません / Sumimasen
  • Shun: Oh, excuse me!
    • あ、すみません / A sumimasen
  • Mark: Hi.  How are you? I'm Mark.
    • はじめまして。わたしはマークです / Hajimemashite watashi wa Mākudesu
  • Shun: Hi!  Nice to meet you, Mark.  I'm Kobayashi Shunsuke.
    • マークさん、はじめまして。こばやししゆんすけです。  / Māku-san, hajimemashite. Ko-bayashi shun sukedesu
  • Mark: I'm sorry.  Your name again, please.
    • すみません、もういちど、おねがいします。 / Sumimasen mōichidom onegaishimasu
  • Mark: Slowly.
    • ゆっくり、おねがいします。 / Yukkuri onegaishimasu
  • Shun: Kobayashi Shunsuke
    •  こばやし しゆんすけ。/ Kobayashi shunsuke
  • Mark: Kobayashi Shunsuke
    • こばやし しゆんすけ。/ Kobayashi shunsuke
  • Shun: That's it
    • はい、そです。 / Hai,-sōdesu
  • Shun: But please call me Shun.
    • でも、"しゆん"とよんでください 。/ Demo," shiyun" to yonde kudasai.
  • Mark: Shun, nice to meet you
    • しゆん、よろしくおねがいします。/ Shun yoroshiku onegaishimasu
  • Shun: Nice to meet you too
    • よろしくおねがいします。/ shun yoroshiku oOnegaishimasu

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