Monday, May 29, 2017

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden—a Place for Meditation

In Japan, a tea garden or stroll garden offers more than a place to cultivate favorite plants.  It provides a place for meditation, relaxation, repose and a feeling of tranquility.  A typical Japanese tea garden can be viewed from my previous article:
Visiting Yoshiki-en Garden (吉城園 / よしきえん) in Nara—Personal Experience
 Yoshiki-en Garden is located in Nara, Japan, which is one of the places that I have visited in Kansai area last year.  You can read all of the articles here.


The Fort Worth Japanese Garden outstanding was completed in 1973. The garden was originally the site of an old gravel pit.  Few changes were made to the existing terrain in an effort to capitalize on every existing stone and tree.

It is a traditional stroll Garden with winding paths through the landscapes and around ponds. The Garden consists of 7.5 acres of filled with cherry trees, Japanese maples, magnolias, bamboo, bridges, and ponds which are home to over 1,200 Koi fish.

Admissions / Hours

The following admission fees are based on the information from 05/2017.  To confirm, call the Japanese Garden office: 817-871-7685.

Adults $7.00
Seniors $5.00 (ages 65 and up)
Children $4.00 (ages 4 - 12)1
Free with Fort Worth Botanical Society Membership

  1. Children ages 3 and under are free.  Un-escorted children under 13 are not admitted; one adult may escort 5 children.
The following opening hours are for your reference.  To confirm, go to www.fwjg.org.

Winter Open Every Day from 9 am to 5 pm
Open Every Day from 9 am to 7 pm

  1. Last entrance—30 minutes before closing
  2. Open all major holidays except Christmas



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